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Palmer/Parmer Family Reunion

Fifty-Five years Ago in the Wilderness - Page 8
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home to Sallie, and be happy.  That will stretch out all of the wrinkles of a stunted soul, if you will do it in time; otherwise, you must take what follows. And it will be town fashions and high taxes and rents that will keep the farmer grubbing, and his wife milking and washing, to keep up with his neighbors, the balance of your life. Give me the outside track; give me room to pick my teeth.
      The Osages were very unfriendly.  They principally embodied the forks of Grand river, about one hundred miles from Chariton; but were sullen and distant, and that just suited us--for we had seen enough of the Osage!  After the heroes of the fort returned to the settlements and told of the fat living and fine country--that was about the year 1820--there were four families moved up in my country--a country between Clay and Chariton--built them houses where old Bluffton was built afterward.  We then had neighbors near enough, within 25 miles, if I recollected right.  The names of the families who moved in, were Officier Lee, Whitesides and Cameron.  We now planted us a patch of corn on the banks of a big lake, happy to think that in three months more we would have regular old-fashioned bread.  The Ringtail went to Chariton and bought him a sow and another bear dog--old Boman; and while there, the people of Chariton, Ray and Clay counties elected the Ringtail as colonel of the three counties, and one of the young Browder's as captain of Chariton county.  The Governor of the State, McNair, sent him his commision, with the State seal, on a blue cross of ribbion.
     Gen. Ned Burlison, of Texas, and Gen. Duff Green, of Washington City, with many other great men, were raised up then on bear-meat and honey; that never had their soul's stunted for want of a dime.  I have called a few names, and could call many more of our old Missouri and Texas friends who were as dear to the old Ringtail Panther's heart as his own blood; but her has gone to the happy hunting-ground of the great braves of every State and Nation; and the humble writer being the only one of his family left; and with my hat off, let me, full of big, whole soul devotion, give our old Missouri friends and Texas veterans, a warm, genuine, old fashioned  'howdy-do,' for I love to love the Indian-fighter and bear-hunters; and , my old friends, if this ever reaches you, I bid you God-speed, with Great happiness.
                                                                                        TOM PARMER

     But I have said nothing in my piece yet about the patient, industrious wife of the wilderness.  You will see her--a pure woman; her cheeks resembling the tints of the delicate wild rose unassisted by, cheerful and happy, which is caused by having good health; her health not trammeled by French trickery and artificial show.  According to my notion of things, a lady is not as a lady's clothes.  I think I have seen as pretty woman in the wilderness as ever I saw anywhere.  They seemed to be made by the first pattern; they were pure women; they had never lived on starch snuff, and musk and paint, and other trickeries; they were pure women.  They had so many advantages then; their calico dresses didn't quite touch the ground; they didn't have to carry a great pile of store-goods on their backs, and some dragging after

Compilation and transcription by Kameron Searle.  Copyright 2005 by Kameron Searle.

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