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Below are the minutes of the General Council of the Provisional Government for the first four days, November 14 - November 17, 1835, that the General council met.   If you have ever wondered what Martin Parmer was doing in the first Legislature of Texas, we have the following minutes as reported in the  newspaper, Texean and Emigrant Guide, published in Nacogdoches on Saturday, December 26, 1835.
Minutes and Proceedings
Of the General Council of the Provisional
Government of Texas
Council Hall, Nov. 14, 1835
The General Council of Texas met at two o'clock, P.M., when the following members appeared and took their seats: from the municipaly of
Austin,                            Wyly Martin,
Brazoria,                        John A. Wharton,
Washington,                 Jesse Grimes,
Mina,                                D. C. Barrett,
Gonzales,                       J. D. Clements
Viesca,                            A. G. Petry,
Nacogdoches,              D. Parker,
San Augustine,             A. Houston,
Liberty,                            H. Millard,
Harrisburg,                     W. P. Harris,
Bevil,                                Wyatt Hanks,
Matagorda,                     C. Wilson,
Tenehaw,                        Martin Parmer,
Jefferson,                       C. West,
Guadalupe Vic.              J. A. Padilla.
  On motion of A. Houston,
  The Council proceeded  to the election of a secretary pro tempore, whereupon A. Houston was unanimously elected.
  On motion of  Mr. Barrett,
  The Council appointed a committee of three members, to wait upon the Governor, to inform him that the Council was ready to receive  any communicaitons he might think necessary at this time to make.
  Mr. Parmer moved that the Council elect a sergeant-at-arms.  Not concurred in.
  Mr. Hood, a commissioner appointed by the permanent council for certain purposes, laid before the Council documents from Nacogdoches and San Augustin, which were ordered to be read.
  On motion of Mr. Royall,
  Resolved. That James Hall be,and he is hereby appointed a judge, to execute all acts of a first judge, in the municipality of Washington, for the time being, and until the place be gegularly filled by this body.
  On motion,
  The Council adjourned.
November 15,  8 o'clock, A.M.
  The Council met, on the call of the president.
  On motion,
  There committee of three appointed to take into consideration the state of the army, with instructions to report thereon as soon as practicable.
  Adjourned to 10 o'clock
  On meeting of the Council.
  The president laid before it communications from divers place, which were ordered to be read.
  The committee to whom was committed the duty to report on the state  of the army, made report which, on motion of Mr. Parmer, was unanimously adopted.
  On motion of Mr. Parmer,
  The blanks in the report from the committee on the state of the army, requiring  persons to be appointed to bear dispatches to the army, were filled with the names of Thos. Gay and Wm. Pettus.

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