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Martin Parmer Scholarship in Texas History
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Dear Family;

A copy of a scholarship Ross and I have established in Martin Parmer's name follows.  I would urge any of you who would like to contribute to this fund.  We thought it was way past time Martin Parmer was honored.

Fran Vick


Martin Parmer Scholarship in Texas History

We, Frances B. Vick and Ross W. Vick, Jr., hereby dedicate $25,000 of the distribution from the charitable remainder interest of the Fraces B. and Ross W. Vick, Jr. Charitable Remainder Trust to to the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System for the use and benefit of The University of Texas at Austin.  Said funds shall be used to create the Martin Parmer Scholarship in Texas History as a permanent endowment for the benefit of the Department of History, College of Liberal Arts.  Funds distributed from the endowment shall be used to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students concentrating in studies on Texas History, in accordance with the standard University and College scholarship procedures.

This endowment is created in memory of Martin Parmer, the Ring-Tailed Panther who was elected to a two year term in the Missouri General Assembly (1820-21), named as a delegate to the Missouri Constitutional Convention of 1821.  Three years later he represented Clay County for a term in the Missouri State Senate (1824-1825).  As a result of his military service in the War of 1812, he was chosen colonel of the Missouri militia, where, after 1821, he led four military companies against the Indians.  He came to Texas in 1825 where he became one of the leaders of the Fredonian Rebellion.  After being pardoned in 1835, he returned to East Texas in time to be elected as a delegate from Tenaha (now Shelby County) to the Consultation of 1835.  The same year he was elected to the General council.  The following year San Augustine County selected Parmer as one of its delegates to the Constitutional convention of 1836.  At Washington-on-the-Brazos he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence and was assigned to the committee to draft the new constitution.  From the Constitutional Convention he was appointed "Impresario of Horses" by his friend Sam Houston, who was eventually on his way to the San Jacinto Battle. In 1839 President Mirabeau B. Lamar appointed Parmer Chief Justice of Jasper County.  He died on March 2, 1850, the anniversary his signing the Declaration of Independence.  He is buried in the State Cemetery in Austin.  Parmer County, organized on August 21,1876, was named in his honor.  Because Frances B. Vick, and all of his descendants are proud of him and his contribution to the founding of the State of Texas, he is honored by this scholarship.

These endowment funds may be merged or commingled with other funds held by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System for investment purposes, in accordance with the policies of the Board of Regents. Funds distributed from the endowment in a year may be retained and expended for the purposes of the endowment in subsequent years and a portion may be designated, at the discretion of the Board or The University of Texas at Austin, as a permanent addition to the principal of the endowment.

Such endowment shall never become a part of the Permanent University Fund, the Available University Fund or the General Fund of the State of Texas, and shall never be subject to appropriation by the legislature of the State of Texas. All future additions to the endowment, made by any party, including the Board of Regents or The University of Texas at Austin, shall be subject to the provisions of this donation instrument and shall be considered permanent endowment funds. If in the opinion of the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System, future circumstances change so that the purposes for which the endowment is established become illegal, impractical, or no longer able to be carried out to meet the needs of The University of Texas at Austin, said Board may designate an alternative use for the endowment payout to further the objective of the University, in the spirit of our original purpose.

It is our hope that other persons may elect to contribute to this endowment and we intend to foster an interest by advising friends and family of the honoree that donations are welcome. If by the receipt of such gifts, the funding level of the endowment reaches that required for another category of endowment, whether for student, faculty, or programmatic support, we encourage the College to consider requesting that the Board of Regents re-designate the endowment to another category if that will better meet academic, teaching or research needs of the College. More than one such re-designation may be possible, depending on the amount of gifts received over time, and all such re-designations should retain the name of Martin Parmer. We request that plans for any re-designation be made in consultation with us, or the survivor of us. Following our lifetimes we ask that any plans for re-designation be made in consultation with any family of ours or of the honoree who have made a meaningful contribution to the endowment.

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