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Was Martin Parmer Really Called "The Ring Tailed Panther"

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Was Martin Parmer Really Called "The Ring Tailed Panther"
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Was Martin Parmer really called "The Ring Tailed Panther" while he was living? 
On this page, I will include historical sources and records that referred to Martin Parmer as The Ring Tailed Panther during his life time.  Martin Parmer lived from 1778 until 1850.  If you are aware of additional examples, let the web master know.
1827:  Resolutions of a Meeting Held in Austin's Colony Relative to the Revolutionary Movements at Nacogdoches.  January, 1827.  Transcription is from Volume XI, Volume D, Nacogdoches Archives, Robert Bruce Blake Research Collection.  The document begins:
"At a meeting of the citizens of the Fort Settlement, in Austin's Colony, on the subject of the late disturbances in the district of Nacogdoches.
Wyly Martin was appointed Chairman, and Randal Jones, Secretary to the meeting:
Whereupon the following resolutions were entered into:
Resolved:--That the mad conduct of a set of desperate men, headed by Martin Parmer, otherwise called the Ringtail Panther, is such as should excite the most decided disapprobation of every good, well meaning and respectable citizen of this Colony."
1844:  Letter from Texas Congressman, Randolph C. Doom, to Mirabeau B. Lamar dated Congress Hall, Washington, Texas, February 4, 1844.  Doom is providing Lamar with information about historic figures residing in Jasper, County, Texas.  This letter is part of a transcription of  Item No. 2168, Volume IV, Part 1, "The Papers of Mirabeau B. Lamar,"  The Pemberton Press, Austin and New York, 1968 and the original is located in the Texas State Archives in Austin, Texas.  The spelling is Doom's own:
"Martin Parmes an old veteren from Mouseri  Native of Virginia has been calibused by the mexican and his prop[erty has been con[fisscated and left with one dollar [                    ] by the name of the Riv[er?]
Bevil & Parmer was members of the permanent counsell and Ring tole  was a member of the convention and a signer of the decleration of  Independenc......"

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