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Palmer/Parmer Family Reunion

Fifty-Five years Ago in the Wilderness - Page 6

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practice deception upon them; therefore, he was ready, keeping continually on the watch.  The Indian who got away from the fight, went to the village.  They called the hunters and all their chiefs and braves in council, and inquired of the escaped Indian where the other eight Osage warriors were.  His testimony was something like this: that they had gone to where the white man made the paper-talk; the white man gave them fire-water -- heap; Osage big; mighty fight -- heap; we find one pale-face pappoose; whisky too much; we fetch her; me sleep one time; one pale face come from the Great Spirit, with his big gun;  Osage put the muzzle of their guns against his body, and all fired and didn't kill him; Osage ball no kill big Thunder; Big Thunder shoot gun-lock, gun-stock at Osage; kill Osage with the barrel till all gone; Osage no kill Big Thunder!  That was his oath  before the nation, that he couldn't be killed; but in council they supposed the witness had spoken the truth.  But their eight warriors were gone to the happy hunting ground, and would  see no deer till their deaths could be revenged.  Big Thunder must die; his squaw and pappooses must die, or the great spirit would be mad at the Osage.

Blundo, their great war chief, made a speech to them and gave orders for two hundred of the mightiest braves of the great Osage nation to put their best  flints in, and be ready.  Your great chief will lead you.  They paint black; they tread the path of death.

By this time we had good news at the Fort.  As a present sent from Heaven, six young men came to our asssistance, well armed, -- the right men in the right place -- Doxey, Jamison, Moody, Carmen, and two of the Browder boys -- and, they come to see us through!  We had now ten good fighters;  we had no fears; we itched for an attack.  We didn't have to wait long.  Two hundred warriors, in deep black, marched up the hollow, looking very fierce and brave, Blundo leading them, simply demanding the scalps of Big Thunder and family.  The Ringtail marched out to meet him, which they did not expect.  He got to the end of the trail by the time they got to the center of the buried powder.  With his nine men, he waved them to stop.  Blundow made a partial halt,and, in a loud voice, said--"Big Thunder has killed our brave; the Great spirit is mad;  we come!  At that instant the ten whites, with a solid fire, and yelling "Big Thunder comes!"  The powder was touched--the mountains quaked; the trees,

Compilation and transcription by Kameron Searle.  Copyright 2005 by Kameron Searle.

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